Pre and Post treatment Human Energy Field and Check Chakra Balance by BIO-WELL GDV CAMERA

Pre and Post treatment Chakra Report (Chakra Balancing, Human Energy Field or Aura) for Healers and Therapist practitioner through BIO-WELL GDV CAMERA

Human Energy Field Photography of Ms. M before and after reatment by Reiki. Patient had problem with heart. In pre treatment Human Energy Field Photograph Heart Chakra was displaced. After Reiki treatment heart chakra was balanced showing improvement of energy of heart.

Pre treatment Human Energy Field and Chakra Photograph by BIO-WELL CAMERA Chakra Report

Post treatment Human Energy Field and Chakra Photograph by GDV BIO-WELL CAMERA Chakra Report

Full body diagnosis by Bio-Well Camera



Book prevention of Health Problems

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Check Chakra Balancing Through BiO-WELL-GDV Camera

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