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Hi, my name is Jashvant and I am Chairman & Managing Director of SURU Group of Companies.


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Book prevention of Health Problems - Dr. Jashvant Shah

I am Pharmacy graduate from Gujarat University of 1962 batch. I worked for a Pharmaceutical company manufacturing injections for 15 years.

I started my own business SURU Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd in 1973 as a Small Scale Unit for manufacturing Lanolin, a raw material for Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics. (www.suruchemical.co.in)

After 3 years I started other 2 companies HRJ Surgicals and SURU International Pvt Ltd for manufacturing disposable surgical devices. SURU International is an Export Oriented Unit in Dahanu, Maharashtra State with international clients.

Our group company received Top Exporter Award from PHARMEXCIL in 1985 and another company received SSI Award from the hands of Vice President of India in the same year.

In this year our group company received sponsorship for 45 days tour from United Nations for business development in America and Canada.

Our group company also received several Safety Awards.

We started participating in Medica Trade Fair in Germany every year from 1993 after getting training from Netherlands Govt. for business.

My Journey


In 1992 I read an article in Times of India about conference in Kerala on Aura Photography. In the article it was also mentioned that by Aura Photography it was possible to see full body health problem, at present as well as 4 – 6 months in future.

I was interested in this subject as it was connected with Health.

At this time my mother was 90 years old and had age related problems and this was one of the reasons for my interest. It was very difficult to take her to pathology laboratory for blood test report, X ray report, ECG etc. Aura photograph would avoid all this hassles.

I happen to meet one Mr. Henry Bawa in 1993 for my business work. He was wearing gemstones on his body at various places on hand with a cello tape. I enquired about this that generally gemstones are worn as rings and pendant, why you have placed on various places on hands. He explained to me that during medication he gets divine messages about healing powers of precious gemstones. For example gemstone of Sun is Ruby and that of Mars is Coral. Both are hot in nature. On keeping them on the area of hearts they energize the heart by increasing it subtle energy. I worked in India on about 15 patients with heart problems and received good results. That time I had Black and White Aura camera, which I used to see treatment results by Pre and Post treatment Aura Photography.

I received my PhD degree in this year from Open International University for complementary medicine for work on heart problems.

My work on Gemstone Therapy was recorded in Limca Book of World Record in 1997.

In this year I visited Russia for my business work.

Incidentally at that time there was a seminar on Aura Photography by GDV Aura Camera inventor Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. Dr. Korotkov invited me to present my work on Gem Stone Therapy in the seminar.

Dr. Korotkov also arranged for joint case study on heart patient in Pokrovskaya Hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia. His team took pre and post treatment aura photograph of Russian heart patients. I gave treatment by Gem Stone therapy.

11 out of 13 patient got good results. My treatment lasted for 7 days.

Pokrovskaya hospital Dean prepared a report on the project and handed over this report to Indian Ambassador in St. Petersburg, Russia.

I started Kirlian photography centre in 2014 for Aura Photography to know health problems at present as well as in future.

In this year we received distributorship from Dr. Korotkov for Bio Well Aura Camera for India.

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About My Work

Being a Pharmacy Graduate, I was interested in preventing health problems instead of treating diseases.

As it is said that prevention is better than cure.

With allopathic system of medicine, I could not find any system for prediction of diseases.
I therefore took support of alternative medicine.

Four systems of Alternative Medicine

1.] Aura and Aura Photography

2.] Gems Therapy

3.] Dowsing

4.] Prayers

1. Aura and Aura Photography



All living beings have auric body. It is a Vibrational body surrounding our physical body.

Dark energy at various times enter our auric body and brings us unhappiness and invite disease.
Aura is a light force of the soul. When soul enters body at the time of birth, body starts vibrating and starts its functions. At the time of death soul leaves the body  Aura vanishes and vibrations subside. All living forces including plants, insects,  creature are having soul, without soul there is no vibrations and no Aura.            

Seven layers of the Auric body system represent seven layers of atmospheres of our plant earth. As these atmospheric layers of the earth protect it from the outside evasions of foreign bodies, same way seven layers of Auric body protect the living being from negative or dark energies and diseases.

 The Myth and Science of Kirlian Photography


Kirlian photography, although the study of which can be traced back to the late 1700s, was officially invented in 1939 by Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian. The Kirlian photographic process reveals visible “auras” around the objects photographed. These photographs have been the subject of much controversies over the years. Interestingly, much of this was initially put forth by the inventor himself, along with his wife to explain the Kirlian photography phenomena.

Kirlian photography is also known as Aura Photography. To understand Aura Photography one should know what is aura. We have two bodies: one is physical visible body and another invisible auric body. For example people doing meditation have a glow on their face. This is aura.

The aura or energy field reflects the powerful connection of our brain and nervous system. A person’s thoughts, emotions and beliefs are mirrored in the aura, which is why the aura and chakras can be used to determine underlying issues related to physical symptoms. In the year 2000, another Russian scientist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov updated this camera to directly record, process and interpret aura images with a computer. This camera is known as GDV Camera.

Therapeutic Use

The most common therapeutic use of Kirlian photography is as a diagnostic tool. Variations in the shapes, colours and intensity of images produced are said to provide clues to the patients overall health and energy level. It indicates presence or absence of diseases, specific emotional states and other physiological or psychological conditions.

Scientific Research

Results of scientific experiments published in 1976 involving Kirlian photography of living tissue (human finger tips) showed that most of the variations in corona discharge streamer length, density, curvature and color can be accounted for by the moisture content on the surface of and within the living tissue.

Konstantin Korotkov developed a technique similar to Kirlian photography called Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV). Korotkov's GDV camera system consists of hardware and software to directly record, process and interpret GDV images with a computer.

How Kirlian Photography Helps Healers

Many common eastern medicine traditions including Reiki and acupuncture are based on energy fields in the body. Kirlian photography, because it gives a practioner the ability to visualize these energy fields is a useful diagnostic and evaluative tool.

Acupuncturists can, for example take aura photography of a person during an initial evaluation and see especially where the energy is out of balance. It is not a replacement for acupuncturist’s traditional diagnostics skills but rather a supplement and a way for them to demonstrate their assessment to a patient visually.

Scientists and practioners also theorize that Kirlian photography has a role in detecting cancer and other devastating diseases. For example, plants with cancer shows up with a very vivid carona or electrical field than healthy plants. This is due to the high metabolic rate of cancerous cells.

Kirlian Photography may also be able to treat patients under psychiatric care. The images has the ability to exhibit the emotional state of the person being photographed.

A Case Study

Given below is the Aura Photograph of Sachin Bhilare who is suffering from Asthma and indigestion and is prone to heart problems.

The right side diagram shows problem with respiratory system & problem with duodenum indicated by peaks of blue line & red line.

Left side diagram shows problem with right part of heart, coronary vessels, respiratory system & transverse colon.


The process of taking a Kirlian photo is a fairly simple one and does not even require the use of a camera. First, a sheet of photographic film is placed on top of a metal plate. Then, the object that is to be photographed is placed on top of the film. To create the initial exposure, high voltage current is applied to the metal plate. The electrical coronal discharge between the object and the metal plate is captured on the film. The Kirlian photograph, which shows a light, glowing silhouette around the photographed object, becomes visible as a result of developing the film.

Although the Kirlians invented this photographic process in 1939, they didn’t publicly release information about their experiments until 1958, and Kirlian photography wasn’t a well-known phenomenon to the general public until 1970.

In GDV Camera, we have to place fingers of both right hand and left hand on camera lens. Auric energy of these fingers are registered in the computer and software develops aura photograph of the person.

2.  Gems Therapy


Detecting incoming disease at Aura level in advance is only half the work done. Important part lies in prevention. This can be done by Gems therapy. Gems are concentrated mines of cosmic rays. Gems therapy is vibrational medicine. It is the medicine of future. It is both Holistic and preventive.

There are several reasons for employing gems for healing:-
1. They exhibit pure and single colour.
2. They are exceedingly brilliant with rich contents of rays.
3. They readily and generously release and give out their rays showing no sign of exhaustion.

Ruby, Coral, Moonstone and Cat’s Eye are mines of hot cosmic colours. Pearl, Emerald, Diamond, Saphire and Gomed are mines of cold rays.

Ruby being hot, releases hot waves. Combination of Coral and Ruby is very useful for patients suffering from Heart Diseases.

These gems have to be purified, energised and placed at proper positions coinciding with respective endocrine glands for prevention/ treatment of diseases.

Gem of treatment

Dr. J.M Shah of Mumbai offers holistic treatment for curing heart problems using a combination of modern science and ancient ‘Aura” therapy. According to an ancient medical concept, all living organisms have an “Aura” (energy field) about them. An illness shows an  imbalance of colour in the aura which is rectified by wearing the right gem/gems. Dr. Shah has already helped several patients through gem therapy which is cheaper than surgery.

3. Dowsing

Dowsing is defined as the study of energy field  by a person who has electromagnetic ability. This ability is given to us by God as a natural gift or it can be achieved by regular meditation and use of magnetic dresses.

All living and non-living things constantly radiate giving rays of vibrations which are specific like finger prints of each individual.

These rays cause vibrations in the muscle of the dowser and in turn vibrate the pendulum.

Dowsing is a  Vibrational Assesment

Everything in the Universe has a vibration. Each flower, plant, tree, mineral, rock, crystal, or gemstone has its own specific vibration. Each type of cell, organ, system in each living organism also has its own specific vibration. Each thought and emotion has its own vibration. Each sound and color has its own vibration. A Vibrational Assessment is a process where the vibration of a variety of factors is undertaken to identify disharmonious or unbalanced vibrations in the human body and aura. Through dowsing, a Vibrational Assessment read the vibrational energetic signatures within an individual.
Disharmonious or unbalanced vibrations show themselves in many ways including discomfort, dis ease, illness, fatigue, and a variety of different symptoms. When a body is healthy it has a relatively high vibration, and this is reflected through the vibrations of individual cells, organs and systems. When a person is not perfectly healthy the vibrations in the body are lowered. The objective of a Vibrational Assessment is to identify the lower vibrations of various invaders, organs and systems so that remedial action can be taken to raise the vibrations through Choming Essences.
When an individual is not well their body's vibration lowers, the immune system weakens, and many invaders enter and stay in a person's body. This includes parasites, worms, bacterial infections, viruses, and different types of fungus. These invaders not only affect the direct functioning of a body, but they also cause other problems since they daily unload many toxins into the human body. Today we are being exposed to many of these invaders on a regular basis. e.g. A simple visit to a hospital can expose you to many infectious bacteria.

How is A Vibrational Assessment Conducted:

A Vibrational Assessment involves the reading of energetic signature which emanate from a variety of factors, by using a pendulum. This is a process whereby an experienced energy dowser connects with the vibrations in and around a physical and auric body and makes an assessment of the presence, and degree of vibration of various factors. Even though many scientists believe that these vibrations do exist, testing methods and equipment have not been devised to measure many of them.

Through distance dowsing, an assessment can be conducted of anyone, anywhere in the world by using the name of an individual. Mary Kurus has conducted many distance assessments to-date and has demonstrated a high degree of accuracy and effectiveness in distance dowsing.
The following is a summary explanation of the specific sections of information contained in a 17 page report of a Vibrational Assessment.

The Human Aura and Chakras:

The human body is surrounded by energy fields that are called the aura which are layered and interpenetrating. There are many layers to the aura but the ones which I deal with as part of the Vibrational Assessment are the etheric field, which is a three or four inch aura which surrounds the body, fits it like a glove and is an energetic duplicate of the body; the emotional body which is associated with feelings; the mental body which is associated with our ideas and thoughts; and the spiritual body which is associated with spiritual aspects of the individual.

Many factors can affect the various fields of the aura creating holes, breaks in connections, imbalances, and various types of blockages and distortions. Traumas, repressed emotions, negative thought patterns, certain types of emotions, smoking, and the excessive use of drugs and alcohol (including second hand smoke) can affect the vital vibration and effective functioning of the different bodies of the aura. It is a well known fact that smoking and drinking create blockages in auras and chakras.

There are seven major energy centers or chakras within the subtle bodies that draw life giving energy into the physical body, comparable to energy transformers. These are said to resemble whirling vortices of subtle energy. Blockages, holes, tears or other difficulties in the chakras can seriously affect the degree of energy entering the human body and the overall vibration and functioning of the human body.

The Vibrational Assessment will identify the degree of openness of the four auric fields and all seven chakras. This information will be used in support of the overall analysis.

Inner Sound is necessary for intuition for Dowsing

The inner sound is an important facilitator for further development of the nervous system.

The inner energy (kundalini), as described in yoga literature, consists of a stimulus or energy form, originating at the base of the spine (Pc-Muscle) and running along the spine to the brain. The inner energy rising along the spine ideally fills several centers (chakras) also with energy. These centers are along the main nerve strands, which are also being filled with energy. Finally the energy reaches the brain. When sufficient energy reaches the brain, one notices a sound similar to the sound of snake. This is the reason why Indian wise men called this energy snake power. The flow of energy, once it has reached the brain, will continue in a downward mode along the front of the body. This will close the energy circle.

In classical yoga literature, but also in other spiritual systems that deal with life energy and meditation, one perceives an inner tone by removing natural blockages, i.e. during meditation. Can a person perceive this sound in every situation and under all circumstances, we would call this person as having awakened spiritual consciousness. Is the person in union with this inner sound, and can the sound be excited by repeating a certain syllable, the nervous system will be positively activated. This is equivalent to a higher energy level. Besides the activation of inner energy, the perception of the inner sound is a cornerstone of any training in life energy.

With the Sound of Life Energy to Well-Being and inner Calm:

When the body is totally relaxed and the brain is charged with high energy, one can under ideal conditions, perceive a sound inside the head. It is a moderate level sound like a hissing sound (in the 7 to 9 kHz range), comparable to the chirping sound of the cricket or the sound of an electric motor running at high speed or just like pink noise. In the beginning this ancient sound is very faint, barely noticeable. Unconsciously we remember this sound from the womb, where it was a constant companion while we waited several months to be borne. It reminds us of deep comfort and rest. It was there from the very beginning. All anxieties, all worries and problems came later. Because of that hearing the sound can lead us back to this first experience of a pure untouched condition. Hearing the sound can bring us back to this pure untouched condition. The sound can cause an inner regression leading us back to inner security and openness. Some people fear, when they suddenly hear this sound for the first time, that they suffer from tinnitus, a very unpleasant condition. The perception of the sound is usually, in the middle of the head at the plane of the ears, but sometimes moved to left or right side. As part of our studies with the PcE-Exercises we discovered, that the sound is only noticeable, when the brain is highly charged, when the body is totally relaxed and one is open to the outside. You become conscious of the sound only after a full relaxation of the body muscles, or through the rhythmic contraction of the Pc-Muscle. Chanting, which has nothing to do with breathing or the heart pulse, brings a feeling of lightness, as if your whole inner being is being lifted. People who are familiar with meditation or the PcE-Training, add more variation in sounds. The old Germans and Celtics called this sound the “astral sound”, or the sound from the other world (autre monde). Listening to this sound supposedly opens the door to the “autre monde”. The Indians call this sound Nadabrahma, the divine sound, or the sound of the snake power kundalini.

If you never consciously perceived your inner sound, you just simply have to search for it. The sound is always there, but gets masked out because of the noise of our daily routine, the anxieties and worries. The best time to hear this sound is just after waking up, or shortly after going to bed, if you are relaxed and listen into the sound. It is most important to relax shoulders, neck, forehead and jaws . Take your time in your search for this inner sound. Once you have heard this sound, it is very easy to reactivate it, in any life situation. It was found that if you are under stress, just imagine this inner sound, and your worries will disappear immediately. We also found that the perception of the inner sound will calm you, when you feel anxious, too excited or even aggressive. One can conclude, that the inner sound is in unison with tranquility and a happy, open mood. If you do not have enough experience with the inner sound, you can lose it as a result of your daily struggles. Pressures, worries, negative attitudes or moods can make the sounds disappear. Whereas the original sound will always be with you are tranquil, relaxed, happy and full of positive energy.

You should be able to always perceive the inner sound

Utilize the inner sound as your natural feedback system. Before you start with the PcE-meditation, try to perceive the sound in your head. This initially faint and even sound does not change with pulse rate of your blood pressure, can be discovered by listening into it. Once you perceive the sound it means you are totally relaxed and your head is free. This enables you to receive more energy from outside. In practice this means, that you listen into yourself, until you perceive the sound and hold on to it, by softly concentrating on it. If the sound level increases, you are doing fine, but if the sound level decreases again or disappears, it means you are tensing up. The tensions are mostly muscular in nature and occur in shoulders, neck and forehead. Try to control these muscles and remove the blockages. It was found helpful, to tighten these muscles even more for just a few seconds, and relax them again with rocking motions and head circling. Once you are relaxed again, listen into yourself and hold on to the inner sound. The sound should become stronger and easier to perceive. Practice the activation for several weeks, and you should be able to hear the sound in noise or when under stress, whenever you desire. This is now your natural feedback system, which is available to you at any time. You can always check, what your present state is and determine, if you are under stress, when the sound can not be perceived. If you suppress your inner sound, you subject yourself to the rhythms of life with its worries, pressures and anxieties. Check several times during the day, if you perceive the inner sound, and within a short time, you have the capacity to restore inner calm and tranquility at will.

Where and how does the inner sound originate?

How this sound originates is still very unclear. One thing we do know is, that the sound is perceived in the center of the temple bones and is also generated there. This increases the energy flow in that part of the brain and distributes to the rest of the brain. The discovery of the PcE effect and the potential measurements with the PcE-Trainer revealed to us, that as soon as the inner sound is perceived, the centers of the temples become totally transparent and enables the person to tap into higher consciousness. We were totally fascinated in our research of life energy when we discovered, that the inner sound leads to a higher activation of energy.

The temples for some time now have become a preferred research topic with many neurologists and biologists, for a good reason. Anybody who is interested in extraordinary capacities and perceptions, needs to study the function of the temples.

At the end of the sixties the South- African Gordon Nelson recorded EEG signals from trance subjects and noticed special EEG temples. It was later found, that electric discharge in the temples can alter the way information is perceived, enabling the person to become conscious of perceptions that would normally go right into the unconscious without ever being recognized.

EEG-Research of Qigong-Masters with simultaneous PET scans of regional blood flow in the brain showed that during Qigong the temples and the Hippocampus (these two brain areas work together) were highly activated, whereas the rest of the brain remained quiet. Our lab test revealed, that as soon as one increases the UL-potentials of the temples with biofeedback (focus), people experience extrasensory perception. The inner sound is just one of the possibilities, to consciously activate the temples in a controlled manner. This means: if you can not only further increase your inner energy, but also during your meditation remove any barriers or filters to higher perceptions.

Perception of the inner Sound

What is the mechanism of increased energy when we hear the inner sound?
We have to observe the function of our sense organs, especially the hearing, more closely.

The brain receives electrical potentials through the action (stimuli) of all sensory organs.
This means that every sensory organ generates a flow of energy to the brain (certain sections of the brain) which charges the brain.
The proven strongest energy producer is our hearing and the connected brain area. The ears with 90% of the energy production of all sensory organs to the cortex is the most important. This is mostly due to the reception of higher frequencies (4000 to 8000 Hz and higher). The perception of these higher frequencies generates a high rate of impulses, which charge the brain (mainly the temples and the frontal lobes). This can be verified with ULP measurements of these areas with the PcE-Trainer.

These brain charges mean: awakened consciousness, better thinking and learning, positive life attitude, better memory, more will-power. In one word: more vitality, creativity and enjoyment of life.
For the benefit of your meditation, you can download a recording of an inner sound for listening. We recommend that you play the sound during meditation. If you listen to it more frequently, it will be easy for you to invoke the sound through mere imagination and remembrance

4. Prayers

1) Prayer is a ultimate tool of asking help from divine power.
2) While praying man connects his own soul power to the supreme soul unknowingly.
3) It is proved that if you pray on exact time every day without fail, your prayers are answered  
4) Regular prayer helps the human to clean his negative energies.








 With the help of four systems of Alternative Medicine it is possible to remain healthy, happy and prosperous.






  Dr. J.M.Shah & Dr. Korotkov



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