How Dowsing, Astrology and Palmistry helped me to improve my Health

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In 1993, I happened to meet Mr. Henry Bawa in his office in Mumbai, India, for business meeting. I was surprised to see him using pendulum for dowsing to get yes or no reply for some business options. I showed my interest to learn Dowsing. During several sessions thereafter, he taught me following important points for Dowsing :

(1) Persons who can hear AnahatNad which is like sound of running electric motor, are at a higher spiritual level and can get correct Dowsing replies as compared to persons not able to hear AnahatNad.

(2) It is advisable to take dowsing session early in the morning because AnahatNad is more perceivable at this time.

(3) Indication of future diseases can be taken by dowsing on seven Chakras for presence of Negative Energy. These seven chakras are:

(6)Agya and

(4) Next step is dowsing on nine systems to check negative energy. These systems are:


(5) Finally major organs of our body are dowsed for presence of Negative energy :

(4)Small Intestine
(5)Large intestine

My Heart Problem

After learning Dowsing, I worked on myself to get indication of future diseases. Though I was Healthy that time, to my surprise I found my Heart Chakra negative, and also circulatory system and Heart also Negative. Next day I visited Mr. Bawa and asked him to check if I had any Health problem in future. He also got the same results.

At that time, I was also learning Astrology. I asked my teacher whether heart problem is indicated in my Birthchart

My teacher showed me the following aspects in my Birthchart leading to Heart problem.

(1) Saturn is aspecting 5th sign which is the House of Sun.
(2) Saturn is also aspecting Jupiter.

I wanted to get one more confirmation from Palmistry. Some portion of my Heart Line is chained. There is also one line cutting my Heart Line. This gave confirmation to my Heart problem.

As advised by Mr. Bawa, I got my blood tested for parameters of Heart problems. The report indicated that I had High Blood sugar (Diabetes) and High Cholesterol. My Physician prescribed medicines which I am still continuing as a precautionary measure.

Recently I have learnt about Healing by Mantra Therapy from my Spiritual Guru. I have given Healing to my Heart Chakra, Circulatory System and Heart. May be after sometime, I will have to reduce my medicines under supervision of my Physician.

My Leg Problem

As a hobby, I read Chinese Face Reading sites in Internet. I have a mole on my right cheek. This indicates problem with my legs. Last year I had an attack of Arthritis. After this, I am not able to sit on ground with folded legs. I also have pain in my joints.

As Healing is not helping me to cure Arthritis and as there are no medicines for this disease, I am doing regular exercises given to me by my Physician. After few months of exercise I am now able to sit with folded legs.

Long term severe illness

I also have a mole near my nose. As per Chinese Face Reading site, this indicates long term severe illness in my Life.

I am running 77th year. To keep my balance life (Do wsing says 20 years ) healthy and free from long term severe illness due to Heart Problem I am checking my Heart chakra, circulatory system and Heart energy regularly. Regular exercises in the morning help me to manage Arthritis.

At the end, I would like to mention one more trait on my right hand palm. My Life Line is with chains in the beginning. This shows unhealthy childhood. My mother told me that in my first year I suffered from Ricket which is a disease of bones. This may be the reason Arthritis.

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