Healing of Diseases

In previous article "Indication of future diseases by Dowsing" we have seen example of Negative energy found in (1)Heart Chakra (2)Cardiac System (3) Circulatory System and (4) Heart.
After getting this indication, one has to be very careful about his Health. Generally, long before Heart Attack, there is rise in Blood sugar, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. He should therefore get his blood tested and necessary medicines must be started as precautionary measure.
In addition, he should Heal Negative Heart Chakra, Cardiac System, Circulatory System and Heart. Healing can be done by Reiki symbols or by Hands- on healing.
I do Healing by Mantra Therapy. There are thousands and thousands of Mantras in every culture of society and it is very difficult to identify proper Mantras required for Healing based upon individual's spiritual level. I received Healing Mantras from my Spiritual Guru. I confirmed them by Dowsing for positive results for Healing.
Example of Negative Energy in Heart Chakra is my own case history. I am on medication for High Blood sugar, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure. I have also done Healing on my Heart Chakra.
Dowsing session does not generate any Negative Energy but Healing session invariably releases Negative Energy. Pre and Post treatment protection must be taken by imagining bright white light bubble surrounding our body. Otherwise, Negative Energy enters the Healer's body and brings problems in health, finance or family life.

I do my Healing session as follows:
Post Pic
On the chart of Chakra, I keep pointed pencil on Heart Chakra by my left hand and recite Healing Mantra. In the same way I Heal negative energy of Cardiac system, Circulatory system and Heart. For this, I hold pencil in my left hand and imagine Cardiac System, Circulatory System and Heart one by one and then Heal Negative Energy by reciting Mantra.

Before closing Healing session, I take post protection from Negative Energy by reciting Mantras.

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