How I have improved my Family Life

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Birthchart Reading :In my Birthchart, Saturn aspects 7th House which is the House for Life partner and Business partner. Jupitor is also in 7thHouse which is not good for this House. As a result, energy of this House is disturbed.

Face Reading: Two sloping vertical lines on my forehead above nose indicates unhealthy family relations.

In the first year of our marriage, we were not well off because we were staying in joint family. Second year we had a major motor-bike accident, which broke right let of my wife. She was in Hospital for one year.

Thereafter, I was under stress due to my business problems and was not able to give enough time to my family which kept me secluded.

After learning dowsing and receiving Healing Mantras from my spiritual Guru, I thought of trying of relations with my family. I took my Healing session as follows:

Questions Answers from my Pendulam
1. Do I have good relations with my family? No
2. Can I have good relations with my family? Yes
3. Energy of good relations with my family? Negative
4. Can I heal by Healing Mantra? Yes


I recited healing Mantras and the Family relationship energy became Positive. Lot of improvements have taken place after that session. I occasionally check this energy and Heal if required.

Similar Healings can also be given to improve relations with business partners, friends and relatives. Happiness then follows automatically in our life.

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