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To become a successful Dowser or Healer, one should be able to listen to inner sound.

When the body is totally relaxed and the brain is charged with high energy, one can under ideal conditions, perceive a sound inside the head. It is a moderate level sound like a hissing sound (in the 7 to 9 kHz range), comparable to the chirping sound of a cricket or the sound of an electric motor running at high speed or just like pink noise. The old Germans and celtics called this sound the "astral sound", or the sound from the other world (autre monde). Listening to this sound supposedly opens the door to the "autre monde". The Indians call this sound Nadabrama, the divine sound, or the sound of the snake power kundalini.

The best time to hear this sound is just after waking up. Generally early morning time of 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. is the time one can use for Dowsing and Healing because at this time the inner sound is most perceivable. A person who is able to listen to inner sound can become a spiritual dowser.

Inner sound can be heard as a gift of God, as in my case or by meditation under supervision of an enlightened person.

For my health problem once my physician prescribed a strong antibiotic tablet. In past whenever antibiotics tablets taken by me, I had severe Digestion problem. I therefore refused to take antibiotic tablet. My physician explained to me that I had heavy congestion of cough in my right Lung and if I do not take this antibiotic, I will have to be Hospitalized. I was not able to decide what to do. I thought to take help of my Dowsing skill to get reply from Divine. Spiritual Dowsing is direct dialogue with divine powers to get the reply when we are puzzled.

Dowsing Session :

After getting permission for Dowsing I asked following questions to my Pendulam :

Questions Answers from my Pendulam

1) Energy of the antibiotic tablet
(Holding the sachet in my left hand)

2) Is it good for me? No
3) Can I make negative energy to positive? Yes
4) By name of God? No
5) By Mantra? Yes


I recited the Mantra to make negative energy into positive energy making the antibiotic tablet good for me.

During the course of treatment of negative energy lot of negative energy is generated from the object (antibiotic tablets in this case). This negative energy has to be converted to positive energy by above question answer method.

Many healers do not bother about converting generated negative energy into positive energy. which results into health problem of the Dowser. It is therefore very much essential, necessary and important to convert generated negative energy to positive energy

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