It is not wrong if we say that the speed of finding a job is 50 on an average and the speed of falling sick is 100 constantly. It is realized only after meeting Dr. J.M. Shah of Andheri. This must be endorsed because it is a hard fact. Earlier, when at the age of 50 the patient was taken to the family doctor, often it was advised that an X-ray or ECG be done; now this trend has almost vanished because the dietary habits have changed. Now, directly ECO-ECG, sonography or angiography and stent bypass surgery is advised for sure. The doctor cannot be blamed for this, we are responsible for it. We run after falling sick but let us know about the history of a technology which helps us keep diseases at bay, but do not be careless in its use.

With the help of a bio-well GDV camera up to some extent we can learn in advance about the part of our body that is likely to be affected by a disease and also about the aura of our body and the movement of its fundamental cycle; however do not go for advance experiments. Being trapped in big diseases like cancer, TB, knee replacement, kidney, heart etc. we are left with no option but to waste our hard earned money and lose our peace of mind and then cry on our own foolishness. We repent for our lifetime that had we earlier gone for aura photography we could have warded off the disease.
Aura photography is done through the finger tips. There is an aura around our body. The jewellery worn, effect of environment, colour, pictures around us on the walls of homes and offices and many such things cause a constant flow of negativity and positivity due to which the equations of profit and loss in business, nature, health are evident. Mostly, with the use of bio-well camera by the professor of a post-graduation college, chairman-secretary-manager of a corporate office or someone using it personally, people have gained enormously. Often, the owners of social organizations are found conducting camps on aura photography. This excellent Russian technology is being used in India for years. But still there is a lack of awareness about this technology. With the use of this technology, one can lead a healthy and active life by undertaking advance measures to cure the physical ailments which might fall in our lives in future. In addition to this, with a balanced level of the energy cycle of our body and by maintaining the balance between anger and functional skills one can attain manifold gains in the business. In today’s Kaliyuga, the aura photography, which is like a holy teaching, is a boon for sure.

The famous doctor of Russia and Andheri, Dr. J.M.Shah is the flag bearer of bio-well camera. People who are interested to attend his seminar, learn the use of bio-well camera, to buy it or are interested in opening a centre, please contact Dr. J.M. Shah at +91 9821055218.

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