Testing Water Using a Bio-Well Water Electrode

To test water with Bio-Well you need to do as follows:
1.] Insert the Calibration Unit (titanium cylinder) into the Bio-Well thumb-hole and place Bio-Well on the plastic stand used for calibration.
2.] Connect the Water Electrode cable to the Calibration Unit (similar to Sputnik).
3.] Insert the Water Electrode into a water tube.
4.] Within the Bio-Well software, choose Environment mode to take dynamic measurements (similar to Sputnik).
The resulting dynamic curve characterizes the process of interaction of the water being tested within the environment, and its possible responses to external stimuli (electromagnetic fields, different devices and human intention), as well as water transformation under the effect of various treatments. The Bio-Well Water Electrode is not designed for evaluating water quality or comparing different types of water from a quality standpoint. Example: Response of water to high frequency electromagnetic fields (generator is turned on and off).

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