We buy everything that is good for our health. We are accepting several facilities like clean and pure food grains, clothes, vehicle, house, insurance, mediclaim etc. but we are reluctant to add one more thing to it which if accepted at the earliest can still add to our happiness. The thing that should be added is the aura photography with the bio-well camera at regular intervals. As we get our blood tested for diabetes, if by getting the aura photography done through our finger tips regularly we can stay away from the major diseases that are likely to affect us in future, then what is the need of staying away from this excellent technology which is for the security of us and our families.

Human being is faced with the past in the front, uncertain-hopeful future and only the gains from a present of speculations. Justified decisive responsibility rests on the shoulders of the head or earning member of the family or the housewife of the family. Right decision saves from diseases and gives rise to vibrations of renaissance. Whether it is the old or new generation, everyone essentially needs water, air and good health; in the same way the aura photography is also important and essential for each and every age group of the family.

Diseases make the humans cry loud, silently suffers the pain and being entrapped in the vicious cycle of good and evil, he spends his life on medicines. Apart from the relatives around, atmosphere, customs and traditions, good and evil, religion the radiance of the body also plays an important role in causing diseases and keeping them away from the body. The heart and mind of the human constantly works with him. It is a 100 percent true yet rarely accepted fact that the flow of negativity invisibly increases constantly in the radiance available around the body which causes the human beings to get trapped in a disease, embarrassment or various problems and thus repentance.

Radiance is as strong as the ardent brightness of the sun. It penetrates through the thick clouds and introduces positive entity. The decisions taken by tossing a coin, getting a card selected by a parrot or following the horoscope prepared by an astrologer makes us land at crossroads most of the times. Today it is your turn to take a decision; whether to fall ill and live by taking medicines and crying or to live a wonderful and healthy life without falling sick.

With the aura photography done through the finger tips and knowing about the prevalent 7 energy cycles of the body we can get the advance partial information about the disease that might catch us in future and take care to stay away from the physical ailments about to come. In Russia, the statistics of disease have reduced due to this technology and even in India Dr. J.M. Shah of Andheri has been successful in protecting many people from diseases with the increased use of this photography. By purchasing the bio-well camera from Dr. Shah, a senior citizen has been successful in making many people of his group live a disease free life and is also earning an income of about 60000. So, why do you want to be left behind in joining this great crusade and filling the pots of money and righteousness?

A famous doctor of Russia and Andheri, Dr. J.M. Shah is the introducer of bio-well camera in India. To attend his seminar, to learn the use of a bio-well camera, to buy it or to open a centre you can contact him at 91 9821055216.

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