Today, hardly there would be a family who does not have a patient of deadly diseases of kidney, heart, brain etc. Almost each one of us is faced with some or the other disease. Most of the times, nothing is found even after going in for several medical tests like X-ray, Sonography and ECG. As a result, we have to suffer. Under such circumstances, it would be wonderful if we can get the information in advance that we are about to fall sick! Certainly, the technology to give us this information has arrived.

Exactly similar to the medical tests like blood test, sonography and ECG a test of internal energy of the body can be done with this bio-well camera. With the perfect report of this camera, we can get to know about the part of our body where a problem might develop in future and on the basis of this report we can obtain the partial information the disease which might affect us in future.

With the help of a bio-well camera, the aura i.e., the radiance of our body and the internal energy of our body can be measured. Just by placing the tips of our fingers on the lens in aura photography camera the finest details of our body becomes available.

In the bio-well camera report, information about the internal cycles of our body and our energy is obtained which shows how healthy we are. It also gives us the prior information of the part of our body where a problem might possibly occur, in future. With this, we can ward off our major problems.

Dr. J.M. Shah, a renowned doctor of Andheri says that the use of a bio-well camera is extremely simple. Senior citizens, housewives or females participating in the kitty party can take care of their own health as well as they can help others in using this camera and can also earn 60 thousand rupees every month. Apart from this, if anyone desires to take up this work on part time just by devoting one hour every day, he can make good money.

The increasing flow of negative or positive energy from the paintings hanging on the wall of our office or home or the ornaments worn by us or the different types of gems used by us can also be checked. Most of the times, in spite of the hard work we do not get the desired results. In such situations, the bio-well camera can prove to be a boon for us and can be helpful.

If our body is healthy, we can achieve a goal. So, to know about the fitness of our body the technology of a bio-well camera can be greatly useful but there is a lack of awareness about it; hence, people are devoid of its usefulness.

A famous doctor of Russia and Andheri, Dr. J.M. Shah is the introducer of bio-well camera in India. To attend his seminar, to learn the use of a bio-well camera, to buy it or to open a centre you can contact him at 91 9821055216.



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